Thursday, March 12, 2009

bullshit strips

So I'm doing some online shopping last night. You know, stocking up on snacks for movie night, the odd hockey game, and for the upcoming baseball season. You can usually find some good deals online.

Then I come across this product, which some of you may know. And I have to say...I'm sick to my stomach.

Yep. That's right. Bacon flavored Beggin' Strips.

First of all, the idea of calling a product "Beggin' Strips" is morally reprehensible. Do they have any idea what condoning that kind of mentality does to someone's self esteem?

The problem is dogs don't know any better. They have a weakness for this kind of thing.

So there's that. Then...check out the product description.

  • The low fat treat made with real meat that dogs beg for
  • Dogs don't know it's not bacon
Excuse me? "Dogs don't know it's not bacon?" So not ONLY is it OK to condone this
humiliating master/servant bullshit ideology with the NAME of their "PRODUCT" but they also add insult to injury by WINKING at you while pulling one over on Fido? As in..."Don't worry...Rex doesn't know any better, ha ha. It's leftover horse meat. Wink wink."

o smug in their superiority. It's enough to...alright...let me calm down a minute.

OK. Better now. Let's just conclude by saying I would never, ever, EVER buy this for my dog.

(So as to not invite a lawsuit, I will add this: In the interests of fairness,
I will accept coupons or samples of this product so as to give you, the consumer, more informed feedback.)

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