Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tuesday...

We had a great weekend, with warm weather teasing us to come out and play. So I did. Took a stroll through Central Park with the roommate and hung out near the lake. Later, I felt like checking out the Museum of Natural History but for some bullshit reason I couldn't get in.

My roommate tied me up (?) and went in. Soon I'm starting to get uncomfortable. A while later yet, I'm about to burst. Finally he came out and stood there gushing about the "Forests of North America" section. That's great, dude, but how about finding me some "Fire hydrants of the Upper West Side"? Any old one will do. I've got the bladder of a woman these days.

The headline in today's Times is "Bernanke Says Finance Rules Need Update". Wow. Breaking news. Thanks, Bernanke. Later they'll update it with something like "Grey Clouds Bring Rain". Damn. Why not throw in "Link Found Between McDonald's, Sagging Butt Cheeks".

In other news, A-Rod underwent successful surgery on his hip. Glad to hear he's OK. Now he's got to rest up for the next 9 weeks, which could affect the first 6 weeks of the season. Good or bad news? You decide.

Later, I'm going to sneak into a sneak preview of "Sunshine Cleaning" with my roommate and his date. Going to make sure I have easy access to the restroom. Those monster diet Cokes make you piss like a race horse.

Reading: Post Office by Bukowski. Listening to: A Love Supreme, Coltrane.

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